Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Move Outta Pawleys Island … What was I thinking?

Sea Turtles in Pawleys Island

As I sit sipping my “Sticky Bun” morning coffee at Pawleys Island Bakery watching the sunrise, it really made me realize how unique of a community Pawleys Island is.  I hthe sunrise, it really made me realize how unique of a community Pawleys Island is.  I have always known that it was a special place to live but something struck me differently this morning.

As a Realtor in Pawleys Island, I too have a personal property listed for sale.  I was planning on moving to Charleston to continue Managing Properties and to be closer to work but was still going to keep my license hung in Pawleys Island with Real Estate.  After spending many years on the creeks with my kayaks, witnessing a giant 200 lb. sea turtle in the ocean, catching all kinds of delicious fish, boating on the inter-coastal waterway, watching all of the beautiful sunsets, and of course spending time with all of my close friends who love to golf … (I like to watch), it dawned on me and made me wonder … WHY am I leaving this beautiful slice of paradise?  At first it was for the money that I was making in Charleston but then I realized that I can’t replace what I already have.   On top of all that, I have been witnessing first hand all of the closings that are taking place here.  In fact, in Spring, I personally started getting full priced offers on a couple of my properties that I had listed.

I was so excited that I went online to see what I could find in Pawleys Island that was somewhat comparable to what I was selling and to my surprise, I couldn’t find a thing that I could see my family and I living in.  Not that there weren’t any good listings, I was shocked how well all of the property values were holding and many have increased! I was looking for a DEAL which many buyers often do.  There are some great buys out there but not what I was particularly looking for.  Needless to say MY HOUSE IS OFF THE MARKET!!! I have lived in Pawleys Island for over 14 years now and I don’t see myself moving anytime soon … if ever.  My family and I am happy here and if you are looking for a place to live an “even keel” kind of lifestyle with many adventures, Pawleys Island is the place to live.

Be sure to visit Pawleys Island Bakery if you are in town visiting!  Pawleys Island Bakery is owned by Max Goree, who was trained in France at LaVarenne, Ecole de Cuisine.  He has over 35 years of experience and uses as many local vendors as possible for the freshest ingredients.  You won’t regret it!


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