Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Patience Please … It Will Close

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Patience PLEASE!!!

So, “the house is sold, I’m ready to move, and if they don’t…______…I’m going to…_______…”

What is it about a little pressure that causes some normally sane people to huff and puff and threaten to blow the house down?   Just because the contract is “ratified” doesn’t always mean that the deal is sealed.  There are still some hoops to jump through and some ropes to climb before the final closing date. You’re keeping your fingers crossed that the inspection will turn out fine and not be costly, waiting for the bank’s appraisal and loan approval, and on top of all that, you wonder … should I start packing or wait until everything is a go?  Chances are, if you can keep your cool and cooperate, everything will work out just fine.  The only thing that is really out of your control is anything that has to do with the banks.  Everything else is negotiable and if you really want to sell or buy, remember to be open-minded.  What I would recommend doing is to take a deep breath, enjoy this beautiful day, go take a walk and if you live in Pawleys Island, take a walk on the beach and SMILE!


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