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Just Swing the Club

Golfing In Pawleys Island

One of the most popular activities that brings a lot of people to Pawleys Island is all of the beautiful and famous golf courses.  We have so many to choose from that it would take one a couple weeks just to play all of them!  So why play golf?  Consider this, a sport in which can be played from the earliest of ages to late on in life.  Also coupled with this, a great social and familiar experience with the chance and opportunity to play competitively.  Then, the outdoor environment providing physical exercise in the natural, outside beaches of Pawleys Island.

Some of the featured courses that we have in Pawleys Island are The Founder’s Club (the newest), Pawleys Plantation (I hear that’s a tricky course), The Traditions (won course of the year in 2000), True Blue Golf Course (most popular and fun to play), Heritage, Caledonia (absolutely beautiful), Litchfield Country Club (so so), Willowbrook, Reserve (least popular) and Debordieu (over-rated).  I hear golf stories about these courses all the time.  The funny thing is, I can’t even swing a club!  No seriously … I tried and I couldn’t even make contact with the ball.  Plus I don’t think my friends trust me with a metal club in my hand not knowing what I am doing.  🙂

Yep ... that would be my luck!

Being a woman in business and not to mention a “social butterfly”, I’m always out meeting new people constantly and for the most part, they are always from out of town.  I find that there are two main reasons why many people visit and/or move to Pawleys Island one being the beautiful beaches and secondly the golf.  I personally love the beaches and all kinds of water sports.   There’s so much to do and for the most part, it doesn’t even cost a dime to enjoy the “Salt Life” here.  On a daily basis, I talk to people from all over the world that travel here to visit Pawleys Island. Of all the places in the world that they could visit ….why Pawleys?  Now it’s time to make your move …

Melissa Dunn

Pawleys Island Realtor

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