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Boogie Boarding in Pawleys Island

Boogie Boarding in Pawleys Island

Catchin' a Wave in Pawleys Island

Boogie Boarding isn’t just for kids ya know?  It is a great way to enjoy the ocean. It’s not as expensive as surfing and most anyone can do it. It’s relatively safe and a lot of fun. As a kid you learn quickly, and if you learned to Boogie Board as a kid then consider this a refresher. Primarily though this is for adults who have never had the experience, and want to try it.  You just might want to take a break from Pawleys Island Real Estate and take the plunge!

Did you know that the “Morey” Boogie Board was invented more than 30 years ago and since provided millions with a great alternative to surfing.  I personally have a tad more fun doing it and learned how to do it about 15 years ago.  At virtually any beach in the country, especially the beaches in Pawleys Island, you’ll find these ubiquitous body boards, more popularly known as Boogie Boards, as people have the time of their lives in the ocean.

Okay … so exactly what is a “boogie board”?  Technically a Boogie Board is a stiff piece of Styrofoam designed for wave riding.  They range in length from about 27 inches all the way up to 44 inches, with adults needing the longer boards.  They are coated on the bottom with a very slick material to glide through the water.

You can find many different techniques on how to do it online but if you just bring yourself to the Pawleys Island beaches, get in the water and push off before the “perfect” wave catches you, then it’s go time!  It’s time to RIDE the wave and have some fun!

Melissa Dunn

Pawleys Island Realtor


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