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Is Your Pawleys Island Home Under Contract Yet?

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So, you just got a contract on your house in Pawleys Island Real Estate and now it’s time to clean out the closet.  Believe it or not, you can get that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling a by responsibly ditching all the excess stuff you accumulate, particularly at this time of year.

Whether it’s due to poor habits, a packrat spouse, children or an advanced case of affluenza (over consumption), or my favorite … ANOTHER SALE, too many homes struggle under the burden of household clutter.

Clutter can clog the smooth workings of any home, imposing heavy costs on the household. Each day, time is lost searching for missing keys, phones or permission slips. A cluttered desk plays Hide The Credit Card Statement, yielding up the bill only after late fees are invoked. Belongings lost to clutter must be replaced, with the original surfacing just as soon as the replacement enters the house. Gotcha!

Time to declutter for good this time! But when you’re peering over piles, mounds and stacks of stuff, it’s hard to know where to begin and what to do.  It almost seems like what’s the point in doing it now?   Well, it has taken me 2 months to “de-clutter” my new home in Pawleys Island.  Yep … I said NEW home!  Meaning that I couldn’t bring myself to leave all of it at the old home that was for sale in Pawleys Island! So here I sit in a new home with twice as much stuff than I actually need.  Talk about regretting NOT leaving it BEHIND!

So are you ready to cut clutter on the homefront–but not sure where to start?  Standing amid the stacks and piles, it can be hard to find a good spot to dive in and begin. Too often, de-clutter efforts fizzle along with the light of day. This time, resolve to succeed! Get your organized journey off to a good start; these beginning de-clutter points will help free a strangled household from the clutter monster.

Start with the mentality of “inch by inch life’s a cinch, yard by yard, life is hard”.

At the outset, adjust your vision downward from the big (cluttered) picture, to zero in on one small, solvable clutter problem. Clear one counter, de-clutter one shelf, or bring order to a single drawer–and do choose an item that nags at you daily.

Beginning your war against clutter with a small success provides welcome motivation for the long haul. When you feel yourself starting to flag, returning to that one clear space, shelf or drawer will remind you of the goal–and give a new burst of energy for the next step. You can do it!

Slow and steady wins the race

Clutter tolerance seems to run a fever cycle, much like the flu. Every so often, the cluttered household will become intolerable, sparking short-lived but fiery anti-clutter efforts. Piles will be shifted, boxes will be filled, stuff will be stashed–until the fever breaks. Then the clutter tide flows back in, confusion redoubled because of the flushed and furious attempts to get a grip in a hurry.

Clutter arises gradually and creeps up on you, over time, so it must be fought gradually and over time. Beating clutter requires building new habits, applying new organizational methods, and creating new household routines. The clutter cure takes time, and can’t be short-cut.

Like the fable of the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the de-clutter race!  Now all you have to do is start!

Melissa Dunn

Realtor in Pawleys Island

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