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Pawleys Island may not have Manatees but we sure do have Dolphins!!!

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Baby and Mama Manatee

As most of you know, my family is from Pawleys Island, and I sell Pawleys Island Real Estate.  Most of the time, we don’t feel the urge to travel away from this beautiful paradise and the lovely beaches, but last month my family and I took a ride down to Crystal River, Florida to swim with the manatees.  Talk about a cool experience!  Of course, it wasn’t necessarily for all of us … lol.  My 7 year old daughter was practically a monkey on my back the entire time.  Little did she know that they were swimming right underneath her!  These magnificant creatures are so friendly and HUGE.  Did you know that they are kin to the Elephant?  They feel soft and hairy!  The babies were definitely more playful than the adults.  We learned that they nurse for about 3 years before they are weaned from their mothers.  These beautiful creatures are closely monitored due to the numbers that are still alive. Unfortunately, hundreds are killed every year due to boat injuries.  🙁  So it’s important to monitor and protect these magnificent beings!

Please see short underwater video:

Pawleys Island may not have manatees but we do have dolphins!

We went to Three Sisters Springs and took a boat out there.  We then hopped off into the 72 degree water with our wetsuits and snorkel gear on.  We had a chance to see the Manatee sanctuary, but NO ONE is allowed to swim past the rope or the DNR will sound their whistles and fine your and/or your captain.  We swam up a rather cool spring, and once we got there, we were able to view a baby manatee napping.  Photo below!

Nap Time!

Now as for Pawleys Island, we have dolphins!  Lots and lots of dolphins!  The best place and time of day to view them is early in the morning 6:00-7:00 a.m. while they are feeding, and around 5:00-6:00 p.m. when they are feeding 😉  They typically hangout around the piers, and on the South end of Pawleys Island.  What beautiful and playful creatures!  If you are the adventurous type (like myself), we put our kayaks in weekly and have seen them as well as HUGE sea turtles up close!!!  If you are not quite feeling that adventurous, then there are boating tours that are also available in the area.  Either way, it’s a great experience!

If you have any questions pertaining to the Pawleys Island area/activities and/or Pawleys Island Real Estate, please don’t hestitate to ask!  I don’t only “sell” real estate …. I’m living the dream!

Melissa Dunn

Realtor in Pawleys Island


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