Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Hop on over to Pawleys Island for Spring Break

The Weather is Here ... Wish You Were Too!

Spring Break is underway here at Pawleys Island Real Estate!  It’s time to dust off those flip flops and beach gear because summer is nearly here!  If you’re thinking about retirement in Pawleys Island, playing golf in Pawleys Island FULL TIME :), taking up fishing & crabbing, or maybe just becoming a celebrity beach bum, then NOW is the time to make that move.

Real Estate sales are on the rise here at Pawleys Island Real Estate and we have been watching the numbers increase each month … making it a tad of a seller’s market.  WHAT??? Did I say seller’s market?  YES because there are fewer properties available for sale here.   Homes for sale in Pawleys Island are very desirable depending on the location of them of course.

So why Pawleys Island?  Can you even begin to imagine feeling the sand in between your toes, watching the sea gulls and pelicans soaring over the ocean?  Taking long walks on the beach as the sunrises or sets?  It’s literally a new masterpiece each day.  There is so much to do and so little time in life to explore all the possibilities that you find when you reside in a quaint little ole’ town like Pawleys Island.

I’ve lived in Pawleys Island now for about 15 years and have raised three beautiful beach bums myself.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The quality of life at the Island is second to none.  I would definitely recommend living here whether you are buying your dream home, first home, second home, investment property and/or retirement home.  Live life with NO REGRETS is my motto.  LIVE the DREAM!!!!  Make the MOVE!  When you finally make that decision, please know that if you’re looking to buy or wanting to sell … be sure to call Mel!  🙂  Also ….. be sure to soak up some sunshine and have a Happy Easter!

Melissa Dunn

Pawleys Island Real Estate Pro

Realtor in Pawleys Island

The Steel Agency Real Estate Sales & Services

Pawleys Island, SC

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Pawleys Island Real Estate Homes