Monday, September 16, 2019
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Are Golf Carts Allowed on Pawleys Island??

A Golf Cart Ride to the Beach!

The answer to that question is YES!!!  They used to be only allowed on the mainland but now you can take your golf cart all the way to the beach!  However, driving on the beach is NOT permitted.  Some tips that you may need to know, are that you are not allowed to drive when it is dark out.  You can drive from dawn to dusk but be sure to make it back in time or you might have some unnecessary colorful lights assisting you home. You also will need to have your cart registered through the DMV, insured and will need to have a valid driver’s license in hand.  Driving with open containers are also NOT permitted.  Lastly, if you didn’t know this one already, but you are not allowed to drive on roads that have a speed limit of 45 mph or faster.

This new found freedom on the actual “Pawleys Island” may or may not last for long so be sure to enjoy it and also drive safely!

Melissa Dunn


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