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Choose a SELLING Realtor!

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Choosing A Selling Realtor

Are you selling a home in Pawleys Island??

You can count on me ;)

You can count on me ūüėČ












Your realtor is the person you count on to get your home sold, get you the best possible purchase price, and handle all of the details that go into selling a home.  If you are selling for the first time and it’s been a while since you bought, you may be on the hunt for a new realtor to handle the sale of your property.  How do you choose?  Take a few simple tips into account from Pawleys Island Real Estate. 


Selling Is Different From Buying 


Although most realtors handle both listings and help buyers find a home, they may have more experience at one or the other.  Some realtors are simply great at finding the right house for a potential buyer, while others are just really gifted when it comes to marketing a home well and getting it sold. 


It is not too difficult to find a realtor who can both market your home to the right buyer and find you your dream home as well











When selling your home, you want a realtor who has plenty of sold listings under his or her belt, and who has a reputation for getting homes sold quickly and for a good price.  Finding that person shouldn’t be too difficult with a little effort. 


Reputation And Referrals 


The first place to start is to ask for a few referrals.  Look to people you know who have recently listed or sold their homes for sale in Pawleys Island.  You want a selling realtor who knows your area and your market, so stick to people who are local if you can.  You can also ask your insurance agent, mortgage broker or other similar industry professional for some referrals. 


Once you have a list of referrals, take some time to see what their reputation is around town. You can use online services to read comments from other people who have used the company or the realtor and get reviews for their services. 


Interview Your REALTOR


Call me anytime with questions!!!









Before you hire a¬†realtor to handle your home selling job, meet with a few and ask them some questions.¬† Find out what their track record is for selling homes‚ÄĒhow fast they sell and how they handle marketing.¬† Look for someone you get along with well and communicate with well, since you will have a close working relationship until your home is sold.¬†


Choose the¬†realtor you feel has the best combination of experience, knowledge, and a personality you get along with.¬† You will find these traits, plus honesty with Pawleys Island Real Estate.¬† The bottom line is getting results and getting your home sold‚ÄĒbut you also want someone you like and trust to handle such an important transaction for you.


Melissa Keller

Realtor in Pawleys Island


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