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Handling a Bidding War with Other Buyers

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How To Handle A Bidding War

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So you have found the home of your dreams, it has all the features you want, a local realtor in Pawleys Island, and it is in the right neighborhood. Even the price is right, but suddenly you find yourself in a bidding war with one or more people who also think this is the perfect home.  This can be a stressful and sometimes even heartbreaking experience, but what knowledge should you arm yourself with before entering a bidding war with other potential buyers?  Here are a few important tips, from Pawleys Island Real Estate to remember in order to get the house of your dreams without breaking the budget.


Know Your Budget


Having a good idea of what you can afford and knowing your target price can really prevent you from making a bid that you may ultimately not be able to honor.  The best way to do this is to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you begin house hunting.  That way you will be certain of what you can afford, and if you do find that perfect house you will be able to move quickly to make the purchase.


Know Its Value



Know the value of the home, but don’t pay more than it is worth











While the home for which you are involved in a bidding war may be the house of your dreams, paying considerably more for it than it is worth is never a wise choice.  To avoid getting yourself into this situation, do your homework before making an offer.  Look at the value of similar homes for sale in Pawleys Island, and contact Pawleys Island Real Estate to determine the fair value.


Know What You Are Paying For



Having a home inspection will certainly help determine if your offer is accurate.











Getting the results of a home inspection, determining what features actually come with the house, and knowing how much you will have to spend to get it in livable condition will give you a clearer picture of what you are paying for, what comes with the house, and what your budget can hold.


Bid Smart


The fears in any bidding war are that your bid will not be the highest, or that the bidding will keep raising the price higher and higher.  To prevent this from happening your best approach in any bidding war is to bid right the first time.  If you are prepared to bid, making your best offer first time around will prevent your bid from being rejected due to another higher offer.  Bidding odd amounts can sometimes make the difference between your bid or another being the highest.


In general, being caught in a bidding war for a home you really want is always a stressful situation, but armed with these few tips you can end up with the house you want at the price you are prepared to pay.


Melissa Keller


Pawleys Island Real Estate

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