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Pawleys Island Real Estate Homes
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Your Dedicated Listing Agent

No More Broken Promises


Are you looking for a new listing agent in Pawleys Island?? Disappointed your house hasn’t sold despite it’s solid, attractive, and marketable attributes?

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Despite the beauty, amenities, location, and price of your home for sale, why hasn’t it sold?? Frustrating indeed…..










Did your Realtor make certain promises to you when you listed your property for sale in Pawleys Island?  If so, I can imagine your disappointment now that your listing has expired without success.


There can be many reasons for that, but I can tell you that a motivated real estate agent in Pawleys Island such as myself goes to great lengths to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Selling a home is much like preparing a special recipe; it requires the right ingredients and then it needs the right presentation to make it simply irresistible.


Your home probably isn’t in this condition, but hey, there are always buyers out there!!!


I would like to meet with you to share how I accomplish that for my clients.  The first ingredient is choosing the right Realtor for your home.  That means finding someone who sees eye to eye with you and is prepared to set their goals accordingly.  The longer a home is on the market, the more difficult it is to meet your initial expectations, so choosing the right person to market your home is the most important part of the process.


You can count on me ;)

You can count on me!!












Please call my office, Pawleys Island Real Estate right away, so that we can discuss the goals you had in mind when you listed your property for sale.  I feel certain that I can help you meet them.  You can contact me at 843-344-8181 and we’ll arrange a convenient time to discuss some ways to expedite the sale of your home. You can also email me at




Melissa Keller, Realtor in Pawleys Island


Pawleys Island Real Estate

Pawleys Island Real Estate

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Pawleys Island Real Estate Homes