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7 Sales Killers that Pertain to your Home!

Top Seven Sales Killers That May Keep A Home From Selling


Dear Clients,


Staging a home is a great way to attract buyers when selling a home in Pawleys Island!


Over the years, house staging, or the art of showing off the features of your home, has become a smart strategy for many savvy homeowners.  Simply put, staging is the same as dressing up your home in its Sunday best!


Staging can range from adding little things here or there to hiring a decorating professional.  But sometimes staging is as much about what not to do or what to correct.


I’ve included a list of the most common homebuyer turn-offs when looking for homes for sale in Pawleys Island.  They can really make difference in the length of time a house is listed on the market.  As always, I’m available and happy to assist if you have any questions. Call 843-344-8181 and visit




Melissa Keller

Realtor in Pawleys Island


Home Staging: The Top Seven Sales Killers That May Keep A Home From Selling!


An Unkempt Lawn



Chipping or Peeling Paint











Worn or Dirty Carpets and Flooring


Poor Housekeeping—Dust, Stains, and Dirt


Junk, Clutter, and Disorganization


Please keep your home immaculate!


Unpleasant Odors—Pets, Tobacco, and Garbage


Unusual or Odd Paint Colors





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