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Buying a Short Sale Property

Purchasing A Short Sale Property (For Buyers)


short sale

Short Sales appeal to those looking for a potential bargain









Dear Clients,


As a Real Estate Agent in Pawleys Island, I’ve heard many prospective buyers ask me how they can locate a short sale home.  If you have asked yourself this question or have any other questions about the housing market, I encourage you to contact me today, and we can discuss all of your questions and your ideal plan for your next property purchase.


Concerning the short sale listings, with the economy highlighting more and more homes as foreclosed or being sold through a short sale, you are going to be dealing with houses that are being sold for less than they would potentially list for in the market.  These are not always readily distinguishable online.  That is why it is important to seek out the assistance of a Pawleys Island Real Estate Agent well-versed in real estate matters, who can advise you concerning what to expect with certain types of listings that you aren’t familiar with.



Contact me for sound advice on dealing with a short sale.












If you are interested in a short sale or homes for sale in Pawleys Island with certain “bargain” qualities, I can scout these out for you.  I have access to properties that are subject to bank approval, in a pre-foreclosure situation, pre-approved by a bank, houses heading for auction, or homes given notice of default.  These are all clues of houses that are likely providing a short sale, but hiding the fact through obscure terms.  I can get past your potential obstacles with sound advice and guidance.


Let me bring the houses to you by using your specific preferences and budget.  I look forward to speaking with you to answer any questions or concerns, or to help begin an effective and proactive search process.


You can reach me at 843-344-8181 or email me at  You can also visit my Web site to learn a little bit more about me and what I can do for buyers like yourself.




Melissa Keller, Realtor in Pawleys Island






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