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Why is Home Photography so Crucial when Listing?

Home Photography Advice



Dear Clients of Pawleys Island Real Estate,


A picture is worth a thousand words.  Never has that adage held more true than in the case of real estate marketing.  Whether you are advertising your home on the Internet or using flyers and print ads, professional photographs are a must.


beach door

Marketing your home with professional photography …avoid cutting corners with the DIY approach, unless you are prepared.













As an experienced Real Estate Agent in Pawleys Island, I can tell you that the importance of well-composed photos that highlight your home’s major selling points cannot be overstated.  Prospective buyers won’t take the time to drive out to see a property if the pictures in the marketing materials or on the Internet don’t impress them.  In fact, great pictures are so crucial. As a listing agent in Pawleys Island, I am a high end, skilled photographer and I use the latest professional equipment to portray and market the homes I list, but if you are trying to go the DIY route, I have some handy tips for you.


If you don’t already have a good digital camera, invest in one right now.


Before you take any pictures, declutter and depersonalize your home.  Better yet, get professional home staging advice.


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A sunny day sunrise will be the opportune time to take an exterior photo of your home.










The best time to photograph your home’s interior is just after sunrise, before sundown, or when it’s overcast.  Open your window treatments and turn on as many lights as possible, but make sure none will be in direct view of the camera lens.


The best time to photograph your home’s exterior is usually on a bright day with a blue sky and the sun behind you.  However, if the front of your house faces north, you may get a better picture on a cloudy day.


Focus primarily on photographing your home’s main living areas—indoors and outdoors—and kitchen.  When photographing bedrooms, avoid making the bed the focal point, and see if there’s an interesting feature you can capture instead, e.g., French doors leading to an outdoor patio, vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, etc.  Bathrooms are very difficult to photograph well even when they have interesting features, due to their small size; they also have many reflective surfaces, so you may want to skip them.


clean 2

Clean, sharp, and bright photos of the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms are essential…maybe skip the bathroom:)










Using these techniques, you should be able to produce near professional looking images that will greatly enhance your chances of selling your home for a good price in a reasonable time frame.  But if you decide, at any point, that you could benefit from the services of a knowledgeable realtor in Pawleys Island, please give me a call anytime at 843-344-8181 and check out my website,




Melissa Keller


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