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Home Selling Security Tips


Dear Clients of Pawleys Island Real Estate,


In recent years, there has been a troubling increase in the number of con artists, thieves, and other criminals masquerading as prospective home buyers in an attempt to gain access to a property, or worse, its occupants.


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Take early action and prevent preying victim to crooks when selling your home!











Hello, Melissa here, and as an experienced Real Estate Agent in Pawleys Island, I’m trying to do my part to make the home selling and buying process smoother and safer for all involved.  To help prevent FSBO sellers from falling victim to unscrupulous criminals, I have compiled a list of effective security precautions that I’d like to share with you today. So if you are selling a home in Pawleys Island, or any surrounding area, please consider these tips!


Do screen prospective buyers over the phone, asking as many questions as you need to feel comfortable, before making an appointment.


Don’t make an appointment with a prospective buyer until you’ve gotten their name and number and verified the information.


Do leave the prospective buyer’s name and information with a trusted neighbor, friend, or relative before showing the home.


Don’t provide information about your home’s security features.


Do let potential buyers know you’ll be asking for ID, and make a copy of their license or write down their information when they arrive.


Don’t say anything that might reveal your schedule to prospective buyers.


Do keep a detailed log including names, addresses, ID information, and tag numbers of everyone who’s looked at your home.


Don’t be alone when showing your property; try to have at least one other adult present.


Your security is our greatest concern!


Do carry your cell phone with you when showing your home.


Don’t let prospective buyers out of your sight during home showings.


Do hide or remove prescription drugs, guns, jewelry, and other valuables.


Reduce all risks from a potential break in!


To reduce these security risks for my clients, I carefully pre-screen prospective buyers before arranging a showing to ensure they are both sincere in their inquiry and financially qualified to purchase the home in question.

If, at any time, you decide you could benefit from the services of a client focused Realtor in Pawleys Island, dedicated to selling your home for top dollar, please give me a call at 843-344-8181.




Melissa Keller, Pawleys Island Real Estate


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