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The 3 P’s of Real Estate

Presentation, Price, and Promotion


Dear Friends and Clients of Pawleys Island Real Estate,


Putting your home on the market and having it fail to sell can certainly be a discouraging experience.  You may be feeling frustrated and disappointed, but you have another chance to get it right.  With my expertise, creativity, and integrated three-prong sales strategy working for you, your first experience will be nothing more than a small bump on the road to getting your home sold.


As an experienced Real Estate Agent in Pawleys Island, I can tell you that whether or not a home sells in today’s housing market depends on three factors: presentation, price, and promotion.  Let’s call them the three Ps.  In a less competitive market, you may be able to get away with neglecting one or even two of these areas, but current real estate conditions are unforgiving.  To produce a qualified offer on your home, we will need to employ an integrated strategy encompassing all three of these components.


beach door

Once the door opens, the first impression begins…..let’s make it a good one!













Presentation: Most people looking at homes for sale in Pawleys Island know if they’ll be interested within the first five to ten seconds of walking through the door, so making a great first impression is critical.  I know what buyers are looking for, and I’ll help you stage your property to make it as appealing to prospective buyers as possible.


Price: Pricing a home correctly is part science and part art.  It’s also a crucial component of our sales strategy, since your home won’t attract buyers if it’s priced too high.  I’ll provide you with an expert assessment of your home’s market value, but of course the pricing decision is ultimately yours to make.



With free market analysis and expert advice, keeping the price competitive is key, but the final price is set by you!











Promotion: As a listing agent in Pawleys Island, I’ll craft a cutting-edge marketing plan designed specifically for your home.  Premier placement on real estate web sites, online and print advertising, toll-free numbers and text messages, email campaigns, direct mail, brochures, flyers, postcards, open houses, and virtual tours are just a few of the strategies we can utilize to promote your property.


Please give me a call today at 843-344-8181 to get your home on the market right away.


Best regards,


Melissa Keller, Realtor in Pawleys Island


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